My name is Luke Dorny.

I’m a struggling (sort of) graphic designer turned web developer (of sorts) that resides in Belmont Shores (Long Beach), California.

I’ve lived in a few places around the world, including Dahlem-Dorf/Berlin (Germany), Ewa Beach (Hawaii), Yokosuka (Japan), Mar del Plata (Argentina), Seattle, Salt Lake City, Huntington Beach, Long Beach… and I loooove travelling!

I manage to help some friends and more redesign their sites into Web Standards.
My portfolio is birthing at butterlabel.com, but one day, that will only be the packaging that I’ve done.
Eventually, all my other work will be forumed and showcased on my new site (not done, of course) BranDamage.com (there are many more sites, but those are unreleased as of yet…).

I enjoy taking photos, learning language and code, automation, surf, skate, design, music, and more (listed below).

My groups are the NowPlaying group which shows what albumcovers are on your favorite music, MacOSX Apps, PhotoChop, AJAX Issues & Links, and Travelposters.



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