sneakpeek!!! sneakpeek!!!

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Well, here it is, in it’s stalled and sputtering plateau of development.

This is actually a fully-coded page with functional flowing content, but as yet unfinished and unported to wordpress theme as yet. The large white logo is gone now, and won’t see the code of day.

This will serve as the basis for the come May 1st, but perhaps reconstructed.
I am really into natural touch and feel, with a bit of interlaced tech.
I’m hanging on to this one…

There are some bits about this that are innovative, but only if you’re trying to flatter me. (oh go on!)


GTI MKV even FASTer!

GTI MKV even FASTer!

Flicked by luxuryluke.

Yum. I’ve seen 5 commercials tonight for the new GTI, finally available in the US, and in August, the 4-door version will be available as well, finally, family-accessible pocketrockets.

Flocked for the holidays

So, today, I started using Flock. This is my first post from an integrated browser/webservices program. Seems innovative… and just what the internet using people need (meaning: everyone).

Hello world!

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